Students Advancing Reminiscence Research (STARR)

Our mission is to advance the science of reminiscence and life review through students’ projects and collaboration.

Our STARR group meets virtually and work on their reminiscence projects. Please feel free to send updates about your students to juliette. All students are welcome to join us!


Leah Graf

UConn Honors student, School of Nursing

Madisyn Longdyn

Ingraham Manor Nursing Home

Class of 2021, Department of Psychology, UConn

Yuxuan Yang

UConn PhD student, School of Nursing

Britney Toussaint

McNair Scholar Student, Cell and Molecular Biology

Emily Findlan

UConn Honors Student, School of Nursing

Ongoing Projects


  • 1. The group members are currently working together on a manuscript describing results from the study entitled, “Surviving COVID-19: Older Adults’ Experiences and Resilience.”   Madisyn Longdin and Leah Graf delivered the virtual intervention and Yuxuan Yang analyzed the data.
  • 2. Leah Graf was selected for the University Scholar Program, the highest academic honor bestowed to an undergraduate student by UConn. She is currently collecting data for her study, “A Structured Life Review Intervention to Improve Life Satisfaction in Home Health Service Patients.”

Previous Projects


  • 1. Jenna Joshi (Nurses’ Digital Storytelling Library Project)
  • 2. Taryn Nguyen BS ’20 and Anne Reeder Ph.D. (The Forgotten Experience: Recounting the Lives of Vietnamese Immigrant)
  • 3. Yuxuan Yang, Madisyn Longdyn, Leah Graf, and Abdallah Abu Khait (Scoping review of reminiscence research undertaken in long-term care communities. Geriatric Nursing, 46, 191-198.