IIRLR and ICLIP Memories from our Past Presidents

Philippe Cappeliez: The Animated Debates of the 1999 IIRLR Conference

On a personal level, I recall how warmly John welcomed every single “delegate” at the conferences. As if we were all members of his large family. His engaging smile. He was skilled at organizing and enlisting participation. John played a big part in setting up a context of mutual interest, support, and camaraderie...and fun. 

I have fond memories of my first conference in NY in 1999. My first meeting with John Kunz, as I said, our shared interest in integrating reminiscence and cognitive-behavior approach, particularly in the intervention on depression. The relatively large group of participants from Japan, around Toyoko Nomura, impressed me. The highlight of that conference for me: the very animated debate on the importance of research in reminiscence and life story work, regarding the question of efficacy of interventions, with Pam Schweitzer giving her counterpoint. The stay at the New Yorker Hotel. The guided walking tour of the Lower East Side. 

The atmosphere of this conference was unique and contrasted with that of larger conferences like GSA or APA. Given the limited number of participants and presentations, we were together for most activities for two intense days. This allowed for personal interactions, and development of mutual interest and support across domains of interest and disciplines.

Jeffrey Webster: The Empowerment of Reminiscence Scholarship

"One memory/feeling I can share is my sense of excitement about being invited to the first conference in Wisconsin. I couldn't believe that anyone had even heard of me (I had 1 publication at the time!) and remember being amazed that the ENTIRE conference was to be about reminiscence! The feeling that there was this hidden community of researchers/practitioners who were engaged in, and interested in pursuing, reminiscence work was very empowering. I stayed in student residence (I had no travel funds) the first conference and walked to the center and just seeing 100 people milling about who ALL wanted to talk about the same subject was extremely invigorating. Afterwards, one certainly felt that continuing research in the area would be very rewarding and productive."

Name Institution Affiliation  Contact
Heather Baker
Wendy Bancroft GAB Sessions
Patricia Beck
Jean-Luc Bourdon
Cheryl Brohard University of Houston College of Nursing
Kimberly Canup Stetson University
Philippe Cappeliez University of Ottawa
John Countryman Storying Later Life
Beatrice Chrystall Memories Stories Lives
Jim Enderle
Esther Gieschen
Susan Hansen Lehigh Valley Health Network
Lisa Henkel Fairfield University
Deena Hitzke Life Review Publishers  LLC
Patricia Homrighausen
Reneé B. Johnson
Alison Kris Fairfield University
Anthea Mcguigan Australia 
Robin Mintzer Los Angeles Attachment Study Group
Whitney Myers
Takeo Nagasaka Freelance
Sarah Neller
Britta Nielsen Nielsen Memoirs
Diane Nimmer Intentional Journeys Legacy Coaching and Consulting
Terry Northcutt Terry Northcutt Ph.D.
Nicole O’Connor
Mimm Patterson San Mateo Medical Center
Lindy (Hughes) Pfeil Guided Autobiography Facilitator
Thomas Pierce Radford University
Louise Reagan University of Connecticut
Kathryn Skabo Life Story Narrative
Patty Silvernale
Donna Sislo
Cindy Soo Red Dot Mum, Singapore
Katie Strong Central Michigan University
Cheryl Svensson Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies
Diana Taylor Los Angeles Attachment Group
Galen Tinder Hunterdon Hospice
Gerben J Westerhof University of Twente
Sarah White StoryBoard Collaborative
Jennifer Whitfield Whitfield Coaching
Yuko Yamamoto
Loriena Yancura University of Hawaii of Manoa

Student Members

Name Academic Affiliation
Abdallah Abu Khait UConn Nursing Graduate Student
Leah Graf UConn Nursing Undergraduate Student
Gabriella Kelly-Davies University of Sydney, Australia
Madisyn Longdin UConn Psychology Undergraduate Student
Kars Otten University of Twente, Netherlands
Denis Pamauk Akdeniz University Department of Gerontology
Debra Tomasino UConn Human Development and Family Sciences Graduate Student
Yuxuan Yang UConn Nursing Graduate Student
Amy Zipf UConn Nursing Graduate Student